Why Deer Creek?


Small Class Sizes

At Deer Creek, the average class size is 11-14 students. In large classes, there are two teachers assigned to the classroom. We believe that every student needs consistent, individualized attention. This is true for students who are struggling in a subject area, performing normally in a subject area, and excelling in a subject area. In other education settings, student growth is often hindered because the classroom teacher is unable to see them, reach them, and spend time with them. At Deer Creek, our students are seen.

Project-Based Learning

At Deer Creek, we don’t want our students just sitting and doing worksheets all day long. We incorporate meaningful, real-life, 21st-century-relevant projects into our instruction. Through projects, students are able to make connections to life outside of the classroom and learn necessary skills for an ever-changing workforce (e.g., time management, collaboration, multi-tasking, and presentation ability).

Strategic Use of Technology and Play to Enhance Learning

At Deer Creek, we believe that modern technology is a useful tool to enhance student learning. We don’t believe that modern technology paper writing, reading, and face-to-face interaction. We do, however, leverage the resources available to us to give students a holistic learning experience. Through this, we hope they learn how to wisely steward technology in their own lives beyond Deer Creek.

Likewise, we believe that play is a strategic tool for student learning - particularly for their social-emotional intelligence and health. Our elementary students get two recesses a day and our middle school students get two 10+ minute breaks a day (plus lunch). We encourage students to enjoy the wonder of life in God’s creation.

Gospel-Centered Discipleship

At Deer Creek, the gospel of Jesus Christ is central. We believe that every student is made in the image of God, yet born with a sinful nature. We invite students to enter into a life-transforming process of following Jesus and participating in his kingdom. We proclaim the truth to our students - the truth which sets them free from shame, trauma, confusion, and sin. We teach students the narrative of the Bible, orthodox Christian doctrines, and skills to make text-to-world connections. By the time they graduate from 8th grade, our goal is that each student know Jesus - the eternal Son of God become man, through whom we have redemption and in whom all things are being made new.