Academic Program

Philosophy of Learning

The academic program at Deer Creek is rigorous, holistic, and differentiated.

In every elementary and middle school grade, our students learn 10 Courses each week. These courses prepare students to start the process to earning a PHD-SSTEAMM through course work in Physical Education, History, Discipleship/Bible - Spanish, Science, Technology, English Language Arts, Artistically Focused, Mathematics, Music

We want to give students the skills they need to be life-long learners. We develop critical thinkers and problem-solvers who are prepared to enter into an ever-changing, fast-paced 21st century workforce.

We recognize every child as a gifted and capable learner created in God’s image. We practice differentiated instruction that challenges each student - no matter their skill level - to grow. In our classrooms, you’ll find research-based and data-driven small group instruction, thoughtful integration of technology, and project-based learning.

Standards-Based Grading

Deer Creek is in the process of transitioning from a traditional grading model to a standards-based learning (SBL) model for assessing student learning. Over the next 3 years, an increasing numbers of subjects will transition to SBL. Currently, every elementary school grade’s English-Language Arts, Mathematics, and Science classes are assessed by SBL.

The benefit of standards-based learning is that it focuses classroom instruction. By specifying the essential knowledge and skills (standards) the students must master, teachers select tasks and activities that will have the most impact on student learning. Each learning task has criterion for mastery that is shared with students in order to pinpoint information about what learning has and has not been demonstrated.

The goal of a standards-based approach is to clearly communicate to students and parents what is expected of the students and how to help them be successful in their educational journey. We want student grades to be accurate, meaningful, and supportive of each student’s learning. For more information or questions about standards-based grading, see Parent-Student Handbook or email

Grade-Level Specifics

At Deer Creek, we value personalized, detail-specific communication. We want to explain details of what is happening in the classroom to our parents - current and prospective. At the end of the day, parents want to know what their child is supposed to be learning and that their child is learning it. For specific details about your child’s grade level academics, please email your child’s classroom teacher. All faculty emails are on the Faculty and Staff page.

Middle School Assignments

To check your middle schoolers homework visit their Google Classroom or check here.